Board diary – Day 2 (by Johnny)

The day started with a morning walk down the the hill into the center of Kolding mearly to kill time as reception at Danhostel did not open till 8am and some of us were up at six o’clock.

The morning view was greating us with sunshine and a vista Down unto witch to explore.. we walked in the center of Kolding for a Quick photo opertunerty, one being by the lake with the big old building that in still to reachrs know as Koldinghus . After we hit the road time being 8:30 into the car with the radio playing great 80’s hits ..

We drove through Denmark crossing its inpressive bridge’s mind you paging the toll was no fun 45€ each bridge..

And into Sweden we came headding to Norrkoping to vist friend Alex we meet and went to pub for beer 2000kc later he showed us around even gave us his tour of the lociol supermarket that will stay with me forever.

Nice guy and think we made him happy

So now here i am in hotel next to a airport and ending the blog thing so i can shower and sleep..

Tomorrow Stockholm

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